Online Casino South Africa 2020

Welcome to Online Casino South Africa! The presence of online casino South Africa sites is an ever-increasing market segment. Africa as a continent is showing tremendous growth in the usage of online casinos due to a variety of factors. These include the major strides in technological advancement over the past couple of years.

Africa is the continent with the youngest average age. This is a contributing factor to the growth of the industry. Gaming and online gambling are still poorly regulated in most countries on the continent, except for South Africa. In South Africa, the local government has a much better grasp and control over the industry. They regulate the industry to the advantage of all role-players involved. This ensures players that every time that they play on any online casino South Africa site, they are safe and secure while having fun with fair play.

Best Online Casino South Africa Sites

1. Genesis Casino

Online Casino South Africa - Genesis casino

2. Afri Casino 

Online Casino South Africa - Africasino

3. Springbok Casino

Online Casino South Africa - Springbok casino

4. Punt Casino
5. Yebo Casino
6. Thunderbolt Casino
7. Guns Bet
8. Sloty Casino
9. Mansion
10. Spinit Casino


To find the best of online casino South Africa sites, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. These would include whether they have been around for a while. This would show if they are established with a reliable reputation in the industry yet. Another crucial factor in determining the quality of an online casino South Africa site would be whether the site accepts the local currency. Gamblers need to be able to make withdrawals and deposits in the South African Rand. They also need to be able to claim their bonuses in the local currency.

The best online casino South Africa sites will always remain those that offer the backing of a sophisticated software platform. They are those that welcome players with exciting bonuses paid in South African Rand, the ones with lucrative promotions. They reward their loyal players for staying committed and bring loads of exciting options. The last factor to keep in consideration when choosing an online casino South Africa site is its quality of customer service.

The industry standard for these sites is to have 24/7 assistance available. This is done through live chats, toll-free numbers or even email. The response time of these support providers needs to be fast and the support teams must be knowledgeable and helpful. The preferred language of these services is English. The following ten sites are what we would recommend as trustworthy and reliable. They are recommended to online casino South Africa players.

These casinos have been picked after much consideration. To be able to determine which sites are the best for online casino South Africa gamblers, you need to understand the local gambling market and their needs.

Online Casino South Africa Legal

The National Gambling Board is the regulatory body in South Africa for casinos. Even though it is widely considered to be illegal to gamble at an online casino South Africa site, it remains a bit of a grey area. This is due to the fact that there are many online betting sites that have licenses to allow them to operate within South Africa. It also needs to be kept in consideration that some online casino operators are based offshore. They also offer access to online casino South Africa players. Thus the online casino South Africa industry is quite an extensive market. It offers various options for online casino users to choose from.

The South African gambling market is not only one of the largest in the world. It is most definitely also considered to be one of the most lucrative globally. Thus many operators of land-based casino facilities are keen to attract more players. Thus, new online casino South Africa sites are launched regularly. The local government is rigid in regulating the industry. Yet they are aware of the fact that revenue generated from gambling is quite a significant part of the country’s budget.

Statistics state that at least 5% of the local population is gambling. Sometimes it can be daunting to decide on which site to choose as the best online casino South Africa site. The option to play at an online casino South Africa site is a perfectly legal and safe option for players. Yet with that said, it remains as always vital to confirm that you are dealing with a reputable and regulated provider. This is best done before depositing any funds. Thus it is good to always confirm both the licensing information as well as the ownership of any online casino beforehand.

Online Casino South Africa – Payment Options

Online Casino South Africa payment options

For any local gambler on an online casino South Africa site, several options are usually available to make payments through. The local currency must always be an option to give players a clear understanding of exactly what they will be paying. This avoids having to struggle with converting currency at different exchange rates.

Credit cards – The most preferred option to local gamblers remains however by means of their credit card. Credit card payments are considered to be a safe option to make any online payment within the country.

Pre-paid cards – Other options do however exist and these include prepaid cards, for example, EcoCard, Skrill wallets or via Neteller. Any great online casino site will offer a variety of payment options to suffice the various needs of users.

Cryptocurrencies are currently a growing sector within the South African market and some users prefer to make their online payments with Bitcoin. Hence this will sometimes be offered as an alternative means of payment.

Online Casino South Africa – Games

Online Casino South Africa games

The players of online casino South Africa sites are in general attracted to the same kind of online casino games as other players globally. The local market also expects to have access to a variety of high-quality casino games. They want not only entertainment at great levels of excitement and brilliant graphics but also the certainty that fair play is assured at all times. Yet, the players at online casinos South Africa sites do tend to favor slot games.

Online slot games – Players at most online casino South Africa sites will often prefer to opt for slot games. Hence the local online casinos do offer a great variety of these games with different exciting themes, great bonuses and free spins. 

Online card games – The most favored card games in any online casino South Africa are Blackjack and Poker. These often offer substantial jackpots since it helps to keep players engaged and excited about the option to return once again.

Video poker games – Video poker games is a preferred choice for many online casino South Africa players who like a bit of strategic playing. Through applying various skills, players get the chance to win large sums of money. Therefore over the past couple of years, this has turned into a very popular choice of local gamblers. The online casino South Africa industry thus delivers many options for players to engage. 

Live dealer games – Through the latest webcam technology players in South Africa gains access to real-time video streaming of casino games while in action. Initially, this exciting option was launched in 2003. Since then many have developed the same kind of technology to be able to offer this exciting option to online players. Today there is a variety of these games available to players on online casino South Africa sites. 

Keep in mind that are another online casino South Africa games that are very popular such as Roullete, Keno, Bingo and Craps.


Online Casino South Africa – On Your Mobile

best mobile games in online casino south africa

Being able to play online on your mobile device is a growing global trend that is gaining popularity in the online casino South Africa market too. When playing on your mobile device you will still have access to all the same quality of gaming, the exciting experience, the fair play, the safety and security. Access to customer support, payment support and bonuses also remain the same. Due to the popularity of playing on the go, many of the top online casinos have developed a mobile version to their casinos.

Players have some options for how they want to proceed when they have decided to go mobile. Players can often log in on their mobiles to the sites. Other mobile casino South Africa sites have an app that can be downloaded onto your phone or preferred platform. This application is compatible with a variety of platforms hence players can download it onto their smartphones or tablets. This too is a safe option since service providers take the utmost care to ensure their clients’ safety at all times. They incorporate only the highest quality security technology and abide by world standard protocols.

Online Casino South Africa No Deposit

One of the most popular ways of playing at any online casino is for free. Many reputable online casinos have a fun mode option which allows players to play certain games without wagering any money.  The bonus to this option is that even if you didn’t wager any of your own money, you still stand a chance of winning some money on these sites. This is the perfect solution for players that are new to playing at online casinos and first want to get a better understanding of the process and the various games on offer.

It is considered as a great way for online casinos to attract the interest of new players. In addition to this, these online casino sites will also offer numerous bonuses as well as registration bonuses. Some of the reputable names in the industry that offer no deposit play are:

  • Springbok Casino
  • African Grand
  • Zar Casino
  • Africasino
  • Thunderbolt.

Tips for playing on a no deposit site

All new players who have registered at these trustworthy sites are eligible to receive free no deposit bonus payouts. It is important to know though that these bonuses can only be claimed until you make your first deposit, so it is best to cash out on these bonuses before making payments. When playing on these sites the golden guideline of the industry remains valid and that is to always check on their licensing and ownership before engaging in any activity.

Access to games is not really limited when playing at online casino South Africa sites that offer no deposits bonuses and as long as that the casino offers it to paying players too. They might only limit their free spins to specific games. The final point to take note of at online casinos offering no deposit bonuses is that when you have won some money there are certain requirements.

When players want to cash out on these, access to the withdrawal of these funds is usually linked to certain wagering requirements. Due to these bonuses being paid out without any deposits, the wagering requirements are often set quite high. Usually around 60x the bonus amount. 

Online Casino South Africa – Taxation

One thing that can put a lid on winning large sums online is when you realize you need to pay a great part of it in the form of taxes. This is however not the case with online casino South Africa sites. Due to the fact that the gambling venues that are licensed to operate within the South African borders are required by the government to pay taxes, players are exempt from paying any tax on the money which they have accumulated when playing.

In the case of these gambling sites being based outside of the South African border, they will be required to pay taxes to the government of the country in which they are based and licensed. Hence, in this case, players are also exempted from paying taxes on their winning money.

Criteria to choose the best online casino South Africa for you

What is the best criteria to choose the best online casino South Africa? we advise you to look at some criteria, such as:

  • Security – One of the biggest concerns when choosing an online casino. Always check if the casino is well known(Online Casino reputation), if it has licence and google security certification.
  • Payments – Secure Casinos always have a good variety of payment methods that you can choose from. Choose the ones that you trust and watch out to the transaction time, in deposits and withdrawals.
  • Bonus – Good online casinos often offer to newly players a welcome bonus. This is one of the factors that casinos invest in order to have new players arriving.
  • Games – Check if the online casino has a good variety of games. It’s important to choose wisely to secure that you will never get bored in an online casino.
  • Game Providers – Choosing the software that suits your needs. Look in the market for the ones that have your favorite games.
  • Customer Support – Always check the customer support. If you have any trouble you will be easily helped if the casino has good customer support and care about their clients. Also, check if the casino supports your language.

Online Casino South Africa – FAQ

❓Is playing at an online casino South Africa legal?

Although online casinos in South Africa do fall in a bit of a grey area, it is perfectly legal to play at a few online casinos locally. There are a number of casinos that cater specifically to the players in this market. These sites operate according to regulations and fall within the guidelines of the National Gambling Board’s laws.

❓Why would I want to play at an online casino South Africa?

Since the South African gambling market is such a strong and lucrative industry, many options are available to local players to venture online. Online casino South Africa sites also mostly offer players the option to either play for free or to venture in with real money. These sites do offer various bonus options and rewards and if done responsibly, it can become a lucrative past-time for many players in the country.

The recommended sites in the article are sites that are considered fair and reputable and offer great support networks in case clients need assistance. The support teams assisting clients are trustworthy and transparent and operating within legal regulations. This gives players the assurance that the comfort of playing online is also safe and fair. Playing at online casino South Africa sites are open to citizens of all the provinces within the country. Due to the fact that some of the reputable land-based casinos in the country are often centered around the urban areas or far away from players, online casinos are a convenient way for all to access the fun and excitement remotely. The additional benefit of many bonuses and rewards makes online casinos worthwhile as an option to venture in.

❓Is it safe to play at an online casino South Africa site?

Before playing on any site it is always advised that players confirm that the site is licensed and regulated.  Whenever these requirements are met, players can be assured of their protection during play at all times, since the site abides by government regulations. By indicating under which authority, they are operating is another way for online casino sites to advise players which gambling laws they adhere to. 

For added protection, any reputable site will also make use of encryption software during payments and withdrawals. This gives the added peace of mind to players that their information is safe and secure. All personal and financial information is also always treated with the utmost security by reputable sites. To ensure fair play, these sites also make use of Random Number Generating software.

❓Is the Games Safe to Play?

The online casino South Africa sites are powered mostly by RTG or Playtech. These two companies are the leading software developers within the global industry. Thus they have built a reputation of delivering on reliable and safe games which bring players not only a load of fun and excitement but also a realistic experience while gambling, for all levels of players from the most recent gambler to the really experienced ones.

❓What Games Will I be playing?

Online Casino South Africa sites offer a wide variety of options to players and hence cover the requirements of various market preferences. The games provided and supported on these sites are a reflection of what any player can expect to play at any land-based casino. These games are always tested for fair play to ensure that players always have a fair chance of winning. Online gamblers can expect to have access to a wide variety of slot games, card games, table games as well as video poker games and a selection of specialty games on the online casino sites.

❓Can I Make Real Money on Online Casino South Africa Sites?

The possibility of making real money on online casino South Africa sites is a very realistic expectation. Whenever players register to play with a new site, they will almost always be required to enter which payment method they prefer when playing games which requires cash wagers. Hence whenever you are wagered cash on games and the casino is funded, you will earn cash when winning. Making real money online is hence a very real possibility.

❓Can I play without any money?

Yes, you can. A number of the top-rated online casino South Africa sites do offer the option of playing for free. This is a well-loved option to play for many and playing on these sites without any money is usually done through their fun mode option or other free promotional offers. Certain options even exist where players can play for free and still stand a chance to win actual money on the site. It is a brilliant way to get better acquainted with gambling for newcomers to the field. It also gives casinos the possibility of attracting new clients. 

❓Can I expect to receive bonuses from the online casino South Africa sites?

Yes, you can. Many of the top-rated and reputable sites available online to South African players will not only offer joining bonuses and other promotions where players can get real money for free, but they also offer other bonus payouts, free spins and loyalty payments to regular players.

❓Who do I ask for help?

Every single reputable online casino South Africa site has 24/7 support assistance. This can be accessed via a number of ways including toll-free telephone numbers, live chats or emails. The support is available in English. The support teams available at these numbers are professionals in the industry who are knowledgeable and will be able to assist you with a variety of concerns from getting registered to technical concerns. They are ready to be of assistance and to make your experience on their site as enjoyable as possible.

❓Is it better to play in the local currency?

For South African citizens it is always better to play in their local currency. The simple reason for that is that it is easier to keep track of your expenses and winnings when you don’t have to keep the constantly changing conversion rates in mind. It is also deemed as a safer option to play in your local currency since you might very well lose some value for your money if you have made deposits in a higher conversion rate as the one valid when you make a withdrawal. Hence it is preferred to play in the local currency and that is also why the best-rated online casino South Africa sites offer play in ZAR.